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A Work in Progress

As I went through the process to finalize my divorce after 10 years of marriage, I made it a priority to heal and get in touch with myself again. This helped me to identify limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that were holding me back in a lot of areas of my life at that time. One of the major things that surfaced for me was how much of my personal power I was blinding giving away to negative people and situations.

When I moved from Virginia to Washington, D.C. I had space to see things more clearly about myself, gain a better understanding of how I was holding myself back, and realize the toxic behaviors I once accepted from other people.

Being in a different location gave me time and space to focus on myself and well-being. I spent so much of my life listening to other people about how I should live mine rather than honoring what I wanted for myself.

When I relocated, I finally found the courage and strength to take ownership of my happiness. Ultimately, this helped me to regain confidence in myself and establish personal boundaries. It also provided me with the opportunity to establish more authentic and healthy connections with other people in my life.

Even though I have taken considerable measures to further my personal development I am still a work in progress. I will continue to make mistakes, but what is important is learning from them to eventually make better and wiser decisions.

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