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Need a Stylist? 3 Top Benefits of Having an Expert on Your Side

Updated: Feb 17

Now, more than ever, people are paying closer attention to their appearance. This is largely driven by our heightened use of social media and collaborative videoconferencing tools such as Zoom for professional and personal use.

If you are interested in upgrading your wardrobe? Having a stylist may be the right thing for you. Through a one-on-one collaborative effort, Aprile Serry, Founder of The Sleek Wardrobe, is a certified stylist and can coach you along your style journey. Here are the top three benefits of working with a stylist:

1. Saves You Time

Whether you are a busy business professional or parent or someone in between you may be someone who has Do either of these descriptions describe you? If so, you may benefit from working with a stylist. Aprile Serry will take time to understand the direction you want to take your style. Aprile is a talented, certified stylist and will collaborate with you to develop a wardrobe that fits your active lifestyle and empower you to get dressed more effortlessly. Who wouldn’t want more time added back to their day?

2. Helps Maximize Your Wardrobe

Getting dressed can be a hassle at times. Especially if you need to get out of the door quickly. Have you ever looked at all the clothing in your closet and thought to yourself you have nothing to wear? This is when having a stylist can be of benefit to you. Aprile will partner with you discover different ways you can extend the life of your wardrobe by mixing and matching clothing and accessories to enhance your outfits. Your clothes should reflect your personality. Aprile will take time to understand your style and recommend clothing options that resists your personality.

3. Reduces Stress

Do you have a hectic schedule and you are constantly on the go? This may cause you to have little to no time to dedicate to your style. Aprile will partner reduce your style dilemmas and meltdowns by partnering with you to develop a variety of outfits by mixing and matching separates from your wardrobe.

Let's Create Your Signature Look You deserve to look your best. Having an expert support you along your style journey can help you bring your style to life. The Sleek Wardrobe offers a variety of styling experiences to support you with achieving the style you desire. If you are interested in completely changing your look to suit your lifestyle, a full wardrobe revamp may be a great solution for you. When you book this service you will receive a personalized look book of outfits that reflect your signature style. Let’s create your signature look. To request your styling session, call (305) 337- 8388 send an email to to get started.

Note: This article initially appeared on the blog on January 20, 2022.

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