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Terms & Conditions 
These terms and conditions are incorporated into all bookings (whether made online, by telephone or any other method) and all agreements for the provision of services by The Sleek Wardrobe. 

“We” means The Sleek Wardrobe; “Services” means personal styling, wardrobe edit and personal shopping and any other services provided to you by The Sleek Wardrobe;  “Client” or “you” means any person who contracts with The Sleek Wardrobe for the provision of Services. 

All bookings if possible should be made at least 48 hours in advance. Full payment secures the date for your styling session.  To request a booking, call (305) 337-8388 or send an email to

Styling Experiences
Scheduled personal styling experiences will take place between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM ET Tuesday through Saturday.  

Postponement and Cancellation 
If you wish to reschedule or postpone an appointment you must provide no less than two days notice before the appointment is due to start. Failure to do so may result in the appointment being cancelled. If we can agree on an alternative future date any payment will be transferred to the rescheduled appointment, but cannot be refunded. If you request rescheduling with notice less than two days an admin fee of $50 USD will be applied. 

You can pay by debit, credit card or PayPal. Alternatively, The Sleek Wardrobe will also accept bank transfers. Reasonable care will be taken to keep the details of your order and payment secure. In the absence of negligence on our part the owner cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer, if a third party procures unauthorized access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from the site.

Gift Vouchers 
Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. If no date is specified on the voucher the holder must make an appointment. If the holder wishes to postpone an appointment they must inform us not less than 24 hours before the appointment is due to start. 

Payment for gift vouchers and appointments must be made upon purchase/booking. Payments are to secure the appointment and are non-refundable. If an appointment is cancelled it will be forfeited. Gift vouchers may only be exchanged for Services and no cash rebate will be made for appointments shortened at your request. 

The Sleek Wardrobe does not act as an agent for any of the stores to which we may introduce you or accompany you for shopping. Contracts for the purchase of goods are between you and the relevant store and the terms and conditions of sale and requirements regarding price, returns, defects and all other issues will be such as the store may impose or as you may agree with the store. The Sleek Wardrobe has no liability for the quality, condition or performance of any goods which you may purchase during, or as a result of, the provision of services by The Sleek Wardrobe. 

Event Styling 
We require a minimum of two days notice for any rescheduling or cancellation. If the notice is less than one day an administration fee of $50 USD will be deducted. 

Clients are responsible for their belongings during the course of your styling session. The Sleek Wardrobe does not accept responsibility for your belongings during the course of the style sessions. 

The Sleek Wardrobe takes your privacy seriously and will not disclose your information with affiliates. You will automatically opt into The Sleek Wardrobe newsletter upon booking an initial consultation, submitting your information via the style questionnaire, or entering one of our giveaways. You will have the option to opt-out later.

SSL Security 
SSL On this website ensures that an internet connection is secure and safeguards against any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems, preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred, including potential personal details. Websites with a padlock in the browser contain SSL security.


The blog posts on this site are available with the intent to inspire. Posts related to wellness and self-care techniques are based upon the author's personal experience. Ultimately, the reader is responsible for their life choices and should consult a licensed healthcare practitioner as necessary. 

This site does include affiliate links in which the author may receive a commission. The author only endorse products and/or services that she actually likes. 

All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is prohibited. The Sleek Wardrobe is a subsidiary of Aprile Ventures Unlimited LLC. 

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