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Style Tips: 3 Steps You Can Take to Discover Your Style

Updated: Jun 3

Do you want to discover your style, but you’re not sure how to get started? Maybe you’re interested in taking your style in a different direction if you’ve been wearing clothing the same way for many years. As time passes your your clothing preferences may have changed and you want to try something new.

Now may be the right time to switch up your style and create looks that are more suitable for you. Many of us are creatures of habit and can inhibit us from making changes to our wardrobe. It is easy to stick with what we have known because it is comfortable.

It can be fun to switch things up by adding new life to clothing we already own or thoughtfully introducing new items. Whether you want to make a drastic change or minor update here are three simple ways you transform your wardrobe and help you achieve the look you want.

1.Envision the Style You Want

First things first, carve out a moment to give thought and consideration to what you want your style to be. To help you get started, think about three words you want to describe your style. Then think about the images that come to mind when you think of these words.

You could also think about people whose style you admire. What is it about their style you like the most? Social media and fashion magazines are great sources for inspiration.

2. Look at Where You're Style is Now

At this point, you have a better idea of where you want to take your style. This is the most critical step. If you are serious about taking your style to the next look at where it is currently.

Ask yourself a few questions. What do you enjoy about the way you dress currently? What don't you like about it? Your responses to these questions can serve as a guide for you to know where there are opportunities to achieve the style you want.

3. Take Small Steps to Get There

This is the most fun part! Now you can take action to actualize the style you are after. Let's say you want to incorporate more personality into your style. One way you could do this is by adding a few accessories to accentuate your look.

Keep in mind this is not an overnight process. Take your time and enjoy your journey.

If you need additional help with discovering your signature look, do not hesitate to reach out. To get started, call (305)

337-8388 or send an email to to request your styling experience.

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1 comentário

I've often found that many of us fall into a style rut without even realizing it. Fantastic insights! Taking stock of where we currently are with our style, as you've mentioned, is paramount. It’s like auditing our wardrobe and understanding our current fashion language. The exercise of envisioning our desired style is equally transformative. Those three words can be a beacon, guiding us in our fashion choices. And, I love the idea of looking up to people for style inspiration - sometimes, seeing someone else rock a look gives us the courage to try something new. Your point about taking small steps is so important. Too often, people think they need a complete wardrobe overhaul, but it's those little tweaks…

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