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When Life Has Another Plan

It is already September. Where has time gone? For better or worse, this year will be one to remember for many reasons (i.e. COVID-19). Many of us would not have anticipated the massive amount of change we have endured so far. The biggest takeaway for me this year is learning to adapt in a rapidly evolving and unpredictable environment.

Like many of you, I identified certain goals I wanted to accomplish at the beginning of the year to include exploring different countries I want to visit while pursuing my endeavors. Rather than abandon my goals, I took time to re-evaluate what I set out to accomplish. For example, in my down time I study cultural norms of the countries I have on my radar to visit to enhance my awareness of customary behaviors. When I do have the opportunity to visit these places, I will be prepared to have more meaningful interactions with people who live there because I have developed a greater understanding and appreciation of what is important to them.

During this time, I have also gained a greater appreciation for the simple pleasures of life like hearing my thirteen-year-old nephew laugh when we watch a funny movie together or viewing the sunset while taking an evening walk. I would not have come to a place of where I could fully appreciate these things as I would have been too focused on achieving what I set out to accomplish according to my original plan.

Even though things may not have gone the way I envisioned it has helped me to move forward trusting everything will work out the way it should. There is no need for me to force things, but rather enjoy the journey of experiencing each moment I have now.

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