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Waiting for No One

Updated: May 27, 2021

There have been times in my life when I believed that I needed to wait on other people and situations to happen in order for my aspirations to come to life.

I experienced this multiple times throughout during parts of my career. There were moments when I stayed in positions longer than I should have holding on the hope if I continued to work hard enough I would be able to progress my career in a meaningful way.

Later on I realized if I was really going to accomplish what I was destined to it would require taking a leap of faith. This involved carving out a completely different avenue than what was already paved for me. After much thought and contemplation I realized I needed to make a decision and left my job after several attempts to identify how to identify a meaningful way to advance.

Finally, I realized I could no longer leave the fate of my career in the hands of others. Especially those who did not and would never have my best interest. I believe there is value in being patient, but to wait indefinitely for a day that will never come and holding on to empty promises is a complete waste of time.

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