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Style Q&A: Get to Know Aprile

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

As a creative entrepreneur I am very fortunate to pursue projects I am passionate about.

My passion does not stop at what I do. It also extends into what I wear as it affords me the opportunity to express my personality through my clothing choices.

Want to know more about what has influenced my style?

For this blog post I thought it would be a great idea to come up with a few questions that may be top of mind for you. Continue to read below to learn more about me and my style.


1. Who is my greatest style icon?

My grandmother was an incredible woman and a she took greats pride in her appearance. She always looked polished and put together no matter what she was doing. If she was going to work, running errands about town, or traveling she made sure to put her best foot forward. My grandmother also taught me the importance of living a full life and taking care of myself. She also inspired my love of travel.

2. How would I describe my style?

My style is simple as I prefer looks that are not complicated. While I am found of various styles, I love clean lines while also incorporating unexpected design elements and twists - usually through my accessories. My father is from West Africa. My mom was born in the United States. Growing up with both of their cultural backgrounds impacted my style tremendously. My father’s culture influenced my appreciation for mixing textures and patterns, and strategically embracing bold colors. While my mother's upbringing helped me to value the importance of sensibility and practicality.

3. How has my style changed over the years? After my divorce, I began to re-evaluate my priorities as well as my relationship with material things. My closet consist of items I love and yet are also practical. Over the past few years my focus has been on building a streamlined wardrobe rather than amassing tons of clothing that I hardly ever wear.

4. What was the inspiration for my blog?

In 2020, I decided to launch my personal styling venture. And then the pandemic occurred and impacted the way I initially intended to launch my business. Rather then get hung up on I decided I would evolve my website into a blog so I could provide style tips more regularly. As a child I always enjoyed writing. Taking this new approach provided me an opportunity to offer style advice as well as expand upon other lessons I have learned in life.

5. Why do I enjoy styling people?

When I was younger I watched a makeover series on TV called, What Not to Wear. Most Friday nights I would watch Stacy London and Clinton Kelly work their style “magic”, helping women become the best versions of themselves. What kept me hooked for many years was seeing women light up after their transformations and exude a greater level of self confidence. I hope this post helps you understand a bit more about me and my style influences and journey.

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