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Spring Outfit Ideas

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Spring is officially here. Now is an ideal time to embrace pieces more suited for the season.

You may be unsure about what to wear during this time. Not worry. I got you covered.

Check out a few ideas I have for you.

1. Flowy Neutrals

For this first look I am wearing an elegant white blouse with a pair of neutral, pleated wide-leg trousers. What I love about this outfit is it has a lot of movement to it - making it ideal for someone with an active lifestyle. The flowy nature of both pieces allow you feel comfortable throughout the day without being restrained. This look can be worn for exploring a new place or having brunch with friends. You can elevate this outfit by wearing a pair of blocked, heeled sandals instead of sneakers.

Aprile Serry, Founder of The Sleek Wardrobe

2. Dreamy Florals

Next up, is an outfit featuring one of my favorite floral print dresses. To compliment this silhouette I decided to wear a pair of flat, suede sandals. If you are someone with a busy schedule and want to look stylish with little effort, you may want to consider this option for it’s simplicity. This outfit is ideal to wear to an outdoor celebration or event.

Aprile Serry, Founder of The Sleek Wardrobe

3. Monochromatic Classics

For the last look I chose to wear a monochrome outfit featuring a sleeveless mock neck top paired with a satin midi skirt. This look is great for a creative individual working in a casual office environment. You can also wear this look for an evening out with friends by wearing a pair of low cut ankle boots instead of sneakers.

Aprile Serry, Founder of The Sleek Wardrobe

What’s your favorite look? Let me know in the comments section below.

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