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3 Classic Seasonless Clothing Staples

Are you looking for ways to build your wardrobe to help you transition your style from season to season, but do not know where to start? The simplest way to get started is to have basic pieces on hand that will allow you to have a more versatile wardrobe that can withstand the heat of summer and endure the chill of winter.

As we face a global pandemic, most of us are spending considerable time indoors. This causes us to rely on virtual technologies such as Zoom to facilitate communication with our family, friends, and colleagues. When using these Smartphone or laptop - many of these technologies place greater visual emphasis on the upper part of our bodies. This makes getting dressed even less complicated as you can focus on one area rather than feeling the pressure of having to coordinate a head-to-toe outfit last minute.

There are three blouse styles that will help you elevate your style no matter what season you are in:

  1. Camisole

2. Crewneck Long Sleeve Top

3. White Blouse

You can wear each style on its own or layered underneath a jacket. If you decide to make a complete look, you could wear any of these tops casually by wearing jeans or wide-leg trousers for daytime or dressed up with blazer and worn a skirt for a nicer occasion.

Another great perk each of these options are relatively lightweight and easy to pack in your carryon luggage for a lastminute getaway.

Adding accessories such as a statement necklace is another way to enhance visual interest and inject your personality into your look.

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