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My 3 Favorite All Time Beauty Products

Life can be super demanding with work and the other responsibilities that come with life. While many of us may strive to look our best while doing so, the last thing we need is to have a complicated beauty routine.

I have an active lifestyle and travel often. These demands on my schedule also influenced how I get ready. I prefer to have a simple beauty routine.

Over the years I have tried different beauty products. Some have been complete wins and others have missed the mark. Through trial and error I have been able to identify the items that work well for me.

Here are my favorite three beauty products:

1. Moroccan Hair Oil

Being able to have my hair look hydrated is important to me. A few times a week, I like to take the oil and warm it up by rubbing my hands together. Afterwards I work it through the ends of my hair. As a result of doing this for many years, I find the ends of my hair are much thicker and appear healthier.

2. Brown Pencil

Having a great brow pencil in my arsenal has worked wonders for me. I find when I use this product it helps to shape my face, creating my symmetry and balance. In general, I tend to apply my brow pencil lightly. If I am going for a more dramatic look I will make my brow to appear slightly heavier with it.

3. Co Co Butter

I love using products that hydrate and nourish my skin. One product that has been a go

-to for me is cocoa butter. Not only does it eliminate dryness, but gives my skin an added glow.

I tend to use a greater amount of cocoa butter when I am in climates that are more harsh and my skin will be more prone to dryness.

I would love to know more about some of your favorite beauty products to wear throughout the year. What have worked well for you? Feel free to share your comments below.

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