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Must-Have Items to Bring in Your Carry-On

Do you have upcoming travel plans and you are not sure what to bring along with you? If this sounds like you, I have some tips that may solve your style dilemma. Whether you are venturing far out or staying close to home, you may be unsure about what to bring along with you when you are away.

If you are planning to take a leisurely trip or last minute staycation, there are several items you can bring along with you to ensure you are prepared while you are on the go. You can watch Aprile's latest Youtube video to see all of her recommendations.

1. Totebag

Having the right bag along with you to carry your belongings is key when you are

travelling. Tote bags come in a variety of styles and are made in a variety of materials. I have a pebbled leather tote bag I have worn for several years and I have brought it along with me to travel to many different places. If you don;t already have one, I suggest you bring a tote bag along with you in a medium to large size so you are able to fit both your smaller and larger items inside of it comfortably.

2. Passport Cover

If you have a passport you may want to consider bringing a passport cover. Passport covers are designed to protect your passport from wear and tear that may come along with travelling. I have one in a darker color that I have used for a few years and it has protected the integrity of my passport.

3. Selfie Stick

Developing content for my blog is an enjoyable and creative outlet for me. I have fun capturing my images and recording my videos for The Sleek Wardrobe. When I am travelling it is important for me to have the right equipment on hand. When I am taking my footage at home I normally use a tripod. However, when I am I am unable to put it inside of my carry- on. As a backup I bring a selfie stick along. If you plan on taking pictures to remember moments during your time away, I suggest you bring one along with you.

Check out Aprile's latest YouTube video in which she covers her complete recommendations for what to bring along in your carry-on.

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