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The Art of Living: Why I Choose to Live Life Rather Than Exist

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

It is so easy to take life for granted. I recently was reminded of this following the passing of my uncle earlier this year. We shared a special relationship. In many ways he was like a father to me. From as long as I can remember he was supportive of my goals and dreams, and he encouraged me to do my best in everything.

My uncle, more often than not, carved out time to spend with me. I am grateful for the many memories we were able to create over the years. I will always hold these moments close to me.

My uncle was very talented and in many ways he was a modern day Renaissance man. He was a brilliant artist, actor, and musician. I was in awe of his creative genius and his vast knowledge of world history. He shared his love and appreciation of art, music, and architecture with me. On top of that, he was an amazing cook.

My uncle faced many setbacks and challenges over the course of his life. What I appreciated about him was his willingness to share the circumstances he endured with me so I could learn from them and make better decisions. He held an unwavering belief in my potential to accomplish amazing things and wanted me to go further in my life than he did.

In pursuing my goals and aspirations, I have encountered my fair share of supporters and naysayers. I have had people who believed in my abilities and those that did not. I have encountered people who wanted to see me soar and other who would rather put me in a “box”. I strongly believe we are all multi-dimensional. When we label people, we discourage them from expanding their horizons, and we limit their ability to fully express themselves in an authentic and fulfilling way.

What helped me push passed the limits of other people is developing a strong belief in what I am capable of. It is natural to doubt our abilities at times, but what matters most is to go after what truly sets your soul on fire. If it is a dream, opportunity, or relationship go for it. The biggest regret you can have is not trying at all. Even though other people may have wanted me to do things the way they thought they should be done I learned how to remain true to myself and do things on my terms. I have also learned how to accept myself as I am regardless of what others may think. If I am happy with how I live my life that is all that matters.

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