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Less is More: Shifting to a Minimalist Mindset

Updated: Jun 3

I never thought I would adopt a minimalist approach to living. Growing up in a country that values the "more is more" lifestyle, doing more with less seemed like it would restrict my ability to unleash my creativity, especially when it comes to getting dressed. On top of that, it also seemed like one more unnecessary rule to follow. To my surprise, within the last year, I have begun to appreciate the benefits of a less is more mindset.

At the beginning of 2019, I made the conscious decision to leave behind things that no longer serve me and my best interest. This included ending my marriage and leaving my "stable" career. In doing so helped to shift my mindset and outlook on life.

Western society teaches us to strive to acquire more material possessions as a way to define ourselves, gain acceptance from others, and obtain happiness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Having an appreciation for nice things is one thing, however allowing them to define our self-worth is ridiculous.

One of the easiest ways that helped me to jumpstart my mindful style journey was to take a look at my wardrobe. According to the Social Gazette, most of us only wear 20% of what we have in our closet. As I went down this path, I thought about the clothing items I could give to other people who would benefit from them more than me. Another thing I took into consideration was if there were clothing items that saw their prime and it was finally time to let them go.

By taking these small steps I began to have more of an appreciation for what I had. Ultimately, adopting a mindful mindset taught me the value of being more selective, thoughtful, and intentional. What is the point of having so much clothing and you only wear certain pieces once or maybe not at all?

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