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How to Look Good With Little Time to Spare

With the demands of family, career, and other obligations it can be a little challenging to put your best foot forward. Even though we have planned our day to go a certain way, sometimes things do not go according to schedule. For instance, you expected to have a more chill day at the office and you wore a sweater and jeans to work.

At the last minute, your boss stops by your desk and asks you to lead a virtual presentation with a major client. You could conduct your discussion with what you decided to wear for that day, but your client may not take you as seriously because you are dressed for the occasion.

What do you do? You do not want to pass up an opportunity because you are not prepared.

Here are three tips for looking good on the go:

1. Have a Backup Outfit on Standby

When you are transitioning from day to night it’s important to convey effortless style. During the day we may face.. You coul daccidently spill coffee on yourself right before you have to give an important presentation. Having a few stylish wardrobe staples closeby in your office space will help you be prepared in case you face an unexpected style dilemma.

2. Layout Your Outfit in Advance

When you are getting ready in the morning anything is bound to happen. You may need to tend to a sick chicld. Or you might wake up much later than you planned to even after hearing your alarm go off several times.

What can you do to be prepared for any unforeseen dilemma? Planning your outfit the night before is the best policy. Save yourself from a potential headache and carve out five minutes before you go to bed to layout your outfit. This will save you time getting ready in the morning. You will thank yourself in the morning that you did.

3. Incorporate Accessories

If you’re invited out for cocktails after work you probably don’t want to carry a heavy work tote around with you. I have a nice, tasteful clutch handbag on standby. If you are undediced about what color to go with, stick with nne in neutral color such as black, brown or beige - so it will compliment any outfit you decide to wear. Another piece of advice is to keep a pair of pumps - or two - in different colors under your desk so you can quickly transition from a casual to a dresser look.

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