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How My Grandmother Lived to Be 90 Years Young

This month I committed to celebrating women who have helped to positively influence my life. In this post I want to celebrate my maternal Grandmother. Even though she’s no longer on this earth she continues to have a lasting impression on me. She led an active lifestyle and showed me how to live life to the fullest. I was fortunate to have a grandmother like her as she was very affectionate, loving, and caring.

My Grandmother died several years ago at 90 years old. Over the years while spending time with her - whether I was helping her to cook, going to the local farmers market, sitting with her in her garden, or attending church service - I observed firsthand how she was able to live a full and rewarding life.

How was it that my grandmother was able to stay in relatively good health close to her death? Here are three things my Grandmother did live her best life:

1. Regularly Practiced Self-care

My Grandmother took great care of herself and this is how she managed to look much younger than her actual age. She followed a strict beauty regime in which she would wash her face with facial soap and then apply moisturizer and sunscreen afterwards. Taking these seemingly simple steps everyday helped to keep her skin healthy and radiant looking. Every so often she would also get facials to help help take extra care of her skin.

2. Pursued Her Interests

Another thing my Grandmother did to stay young was have hobbies she could devote her attention to. As a teenager, she learned how to play the piano. She also played the piano and organ at her church even up to a few months before her passing.

My Grandmother believed life should be enjoyed. She loved to travel and went on trips regularly. Having something to look forward to and a new adventure to experience helped to keep her active and energized. She believed you only live once so why not enjoy it. I could not agree more.

3. Gave to Others

My Grandmother was a firm believer in giving back to others to include volunteering her time. From time to time, she would visit the elderly at nursing homes. She also someone who valued uplifting others through her words of encouragement and support. She was an incredible and strong woman.

My Grandmother loved fashion and had an effortless approach to her personal style. She enjoyed putting together various outfit combinations and getting extra dolled up for special occasions. On a regular basis, my Grandmother would edit her closet and donate pieces she no longer wanted to charity.

Note: This article originally appeared on the blog on November 5, 2020.

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