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Focus on Outcomes

One of the greatest pieces of advice I received was from a former boss earlier on in my career. Over time he became a mentor to me. I looked up to him because even though he had a demanding job, travelling often, he seemed to always be able to see these objectively.

While working for him we would meet on a weekly basis to talk through what my workload and assignments as well as other potential opportunities. During of of our discussions he shared a valuable piece of advice with me that has stuck with me until this day. He told me that what helped him get through challenges is to focus on outcomes. Basically, this meant that by keeping your goals in the forefront you are better positioned to navigate distractions and challenges as they arise.

This advice has helped to not only in my career, but my personal life as well. When I have faced difficult situations in my professional and personal life reflecting back on this guidance has helped me to push forward despite the hurdles and obstacles that came about.

Last year, this advice took on a whole new meaning for me. I started 2020 with the intention of launching my personal styling venture. When the pandemic hit it completely altered my plans for moving ahead. I knew I wanted to share my love of style with other people so I decided to evolve my website into a blog to share my style tips. Eventually, I started to write about other lessons I learned in life. When I started writing more consistently for my blog it also helped me reengage with a hobby enjoyed growing up.

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