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Archetypes to Help You Find Your Style

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Over the years, I have experimented with different styles. When I worked in the financial services industry I often wore formal attire. As a creative entrepreneur I has embraced more relaxed pieces into my wardrobe.

During the Spring I experimented with more floral prints and romantic hemlines. As Summer approaches I am embracing more clean lines and simplistic silhouettes.

If you are just getting started on your style journey or you want to make a shift in your current style, having a bit of inspiration is a good place to start. Referring to a style archetype in one way you can get started. An archetype is a thematic visual representation of different styles.

Here are four style archetypes you can refer to:

1. Classic Style Archetype

If you are interested in achieving a more sophisticated look, the classic style archetype may be the right option for you. This style features clothing items that can withstand the test of time. Garments in solid colors featuring clean lines and structured details distinguish this look. When I worked in a more formal office environment I tended to wear more pieces that fit this aesthetic. You can also embrace wearing patterns to spice up your outfits.

2. Minimalist

The Minimalist style archetype is very similar to the Classic. They both incorporate a lot of neutral colors and include timeless silhouettes. What sets the Minimalist style archetype apart its there are fewer clothing items needed to achieve this aesthetic. Less is more. This style archetype is ideal for someone who travels often and prefers to pack lightly.

3. Bohemian

Let your inner Hippie can come to life with the The Bohemian style archetype. Flowy pieces such as caftans and maxi dresses featuring whimsical prints such as represent the free flow nature of this look. Think along with dye tie and floral prints.

4. Edgy

The last style archetype is Edgy. If you want to go for a rocker vibe this aesthetic is for you. Leather garments and denim styles bring this look to life. These pieces are often in darker colors and make them great to wear at night. If you are wearing these pieces during the daytime you can incorporate neutral colors to balance your look.

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Embarking on a style journey is truly a transformative experience, as echoed in your post. Your transition from the formal attire of the financial sector to the relaxed garb of a creative entrepreneur beautifully illustrates the fluidity of personal style, reflecting both our external environments and internal evolutions. I appreciate the introduction to style archetypes as a guidepost. It provides a foundation, yet room for individual flair. I've always leaned towards the Classic Style, but the Minimalist archetype resonates with my recent endeavor to declutter and curate a capsule wardrobe. The Bohemian style reminds me of my college days, where I dabbled in free-spirited prints. It's fascinating to see these archetypes laid out and understand where our preferences fit. While…


Asma Aslam
Asma Aslam
Jul 23, 2022

I like classic and bohemian style dresses.

Aprile Serry
Aprile Serry
Jul 28, 2022
Replying to

Classic and boho dress styles are great options to wear year round. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts on this post.

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