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5 Things I Started Doing to Achieve Greater Balance

It is important for to me to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I have always enjoyed learning about different ways I can enhance my being.

Going through my divorce provided a great opportunity for me to time to try different techniques to manage my stress levels and keep my overall wellbeing in check. Here are five things I started doing to improve my overall well-being.

1. Write Down My Thoughts

Every day I write down at least three things I was grateful for in a journal I keep. Being alive is a blessing. Most of the time I capture simple things thankful for. It be could be as simple as a stranger holding the door for me while walking into a building when my hands are full carrying my groceries. This has helped me keep things in perspective especially during stressful times.

As a child I always loved to write. It was fun for me to commit my thoughts on paper, unleash my imagination, and tap into my creativity. In some ways launching my blog has helped me re-engage with something I love to do. What makes this even more worthwhile is sharing parts of my life to connect with you as a reader.

2. Limit My Intake of Toxic Information

Much of the information we consume is negative and based in fear, especially as it relates to the coronavirus. Ingesting this type of information day in and day out can take a huge toll on our wellbeing. When I would watch the news as soon as I woke up in the morning, I found I was psyching myself up for something terrible to happen for the remainder of the day.

I do see value in maintaining awareness of what is taking place in the world. One habit I adopted to better align with my lifestyle was to stagger the way I consume news. I read The Skimm in the morning. It is a daily news digest that captures a quick round up of the top headlines. As the day progresses I check out other media outlets for updates and I also setup notifications on my phone to receive updates on major news breaks.

3. Do Digital Detoxes

In the world we live in today, it is easy to feel the pressure to stay on the pulse of everything and be tethered to our devices. This can deter us from being intentional about the way we spend our time. What I found to be valuable in maintaining a sense of balance is re-engaging how I use my phone. For example, if I am spending time with my family or friends I will not be on it useless it is an emergency. This allows me to be more present and attentive.

Also, I am deliberate about the way I use social media. Normally, I set my intention about what I want to accomplish before I do rather than aimlessly scrolling through posts. In addition, I limit how often I use it personally which could be one to two times per week. When I do use it I am normally not on it for more than a few minutes. .

4. Make Time to Be Active

Another thing that helped me tremendously is to walk. To some people this may seem simple, but it has a great impact on enhancing the quality of my life. Walking is more than a form of exercise for me. It helps to clear my head and regain focus. I have found getting outside and moving around - even if it is for 15 minutes - is beneficial.

Meditating and doing yoga have also helped me learn how to be more present along with carving out time to have fun. It could be as simple as sharing laughs with friends and family over a nice meal or doing something more adventurous like zip lining. There will always be work to be done. Why not take time to enjoy life along the way?

5. Go Where I Am Appreciated

I have an active life. Most of my close family and friends would describe me as being ambitious. At times I can be so focused on what I want to achieve next that I can forget to stop and think about what I just accomplished. At times I can be so focused on what more I want to do and can easily forget to take a breath and pause for a moment.

There are times when I justify my hardworking nature and drive for results when I reflect on the sacrifices my parents, grandparents, and other ancestors made for me to have greater opportunities than they had. My appreciation for what they endured - to include advocating for racial equality - is a great source of motivation for me, and helps to push me forward even when things do not go the way I planned.

There have been numerous occasions when I found myself in environments both professionally and personally where I was not appreciated. I do not give up or give in easily. At times, I would stay in different situations longer than I should have in attempt to make things better. I realize no situation is perfect, but I understand I deserve to be in circumstances where I am valued for who I am and what I bring to the table. Life is too short to settle…

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