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3 Ways the Pandemic Shaped My Outlook on Change

Life is unpredictable and there are no guarantees. To mitigate this reality we devise and implement routines, habits, and traditions that help us feel as though we are in greater control over our lives.

No matter how we plan our lives to go a certain way, within a blink of an eye things can take an unexpected turn. Nothing proved this more than the global pandemic we are experiencing right now which introduced a level of uncertainty many of us could not predict.

Navigating change in and of itself can be challenging.

Change - more often than not - can invoke sentiments of fear. Why? The answer is simple. It's difficult to trade in the comfort of what we know for the unpredictability of something new.

The "new" can disrupt our way of doing things in a way in which we are familiar with, threatening our sense of perceived security and comfort.

Not all change is bad; it can introduce positive outcomes. For many reasons, the pandemic has presented what many would consider to be negative change - ranging from the limits that have been imposed on how we interact with one another to where and how we can travel.

While we have endured many challenges during this unique time in the world, the pandemic has helped me in several areas of my life.

Here are three ways experiencing the pandemic led me to embrace change and improve my life for the better.

1. Strengthen My Self-Care Routine

More often than not we may feel the constant pressure to continuously be busy. Prior to the pandemic I already implemented a solid self-care routine that included meditation. When the pandemic began and chaos ensued, I was able to remain focused on my goals. How? I was able to do so as I already adopted practices that became second nature to me.

I also looked at this time as an opportunity to evaluate my existing self-care practices, learn about different techniques, and try a few of them out. I might not have been as deliberate in doing so if the pandemic did not occur.

2. Embrace Moments of Stillness

Having time to reflect on and appreciate the valuable lessons life has taught me is very important to me. What has helped me to thrive is carving out time and space to do more of this rather than fill up periods of time for the sake of being busy.

3. Dedicate Time Toward Engaging Pastimes

I am an adventurer at heart and enjoy having an active lifestyle. During this time period I was able to re-engage with pastimes I enjoyed when I was younger, such as drawing and writing.

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