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3 Things I Started Doing to Maintain My Self-Care Routine

As a business owner and creative entrepreneur, self care plays in important part in my ability to enjoy my life .

Self-care is far from an act of selfishness. If anything it is an expression of self respect. When I carve out time to engage in this practice it reaffirms I value my well-being and as a result it positively impacts how I show up in the world.

Through trial and error, I have managed to develop a solid and sustainable regime. From time to time I also make adjustments to my routine based upon what is going on on my life.

Here are three things that helped me maintain a solid self-care routine:

1. Put It On the Calendar

After years of succumbing to people pleasing tendencies - placing other's wants and needs well before my own - made me learn to appreciate the importance of self-care. I jot down an entry on my calendar to devote to bringing more peace and balance into to my life. It is easy to allow this practice to slip to the wayside especially if you are when you are juggling many priorities.

2. Keep It Simple

What has made it extremely easy for me to maintain my self-care regime is keeping it simple. I have found when are more complicated it is more difficult to maintain. Of it becomes too complicated or elaborate production.

I have found the more straight forward my regime is, the easier it is for me to sustain it over time. It can be as easy as going for a short walk or applying a face mask for five minutes once a week.

3. Stick With It

No matter what is going in my life I continue to practice self-care. Self-care is something you can practice as often as you want. What has helped me tremendously is making it a part of my daily routine. Despite what may be going on in my life, having a moment to renew my energy and approach my endeavors with added focus and creativity.

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